Pedro Rebocho / Tomás Queiroz

EEVEE speculates on the Queer Sense of Space and the way in which people and subaltern communities are trying to find a space to rave.

EEVEE explores the conceptual bonds between the terms “queer” and “space” and what unites them, concerning alternative ways of being-together, of self experiment and of queer vitality.

EEVEE fluctuates between sex, identity, gender, aesthetic, music, performance, political statement, location and places. Considering a Sense of Space EEVEE shows how rave can be a site for emancipation and an alternative discourse for ultimate self liberation.

In this alternative reality an emerging voice seeks a place to pluralize discourses about queerness and faces the challenging, traditional and heteronormative settlement patterns that have been rolling up until 2020. History has told us that this fight has been an ongoing issue through different decades and has taken many steps forward and back. On the other hand, queer aesthetic has seen its ways of expression being taken by the mainstream culture so many times. Having all this in mind, a true “forward-dawning futurity” is reclaimed by those who insist on “potentiality or concrete possibility for another world” (José Esteban Muñoz, «Cruising Utopia: the Then and There of Queer Futurity», 2009).