Bruna Cruz / Margarida Xavier / Patrícia Custódio

In any scenario or event where humanity evolves to be governed by reduced freedoms and thrive for survival, the «insect politics» arise. At the center of thinking, action, movement and decision making, these «insect politics» are like a fictional political structure, a non-political one, where the only norm is irrationality.

Having this concept in mind, I SWALLOWED A FLY is a fictional project which departs from David Cronenberg’s film The Fly (1986). In this film we recall the protagonist, Seth, who is initially introduced as a committed scientist, that afterwards changes into an animal state. It’s his fusion with a fly that alters his natural pattern of behaviour – the fly is nothing more than the physical representation of the change in pattern that lodges in society’s brain and alters its way of life.

I SWALLOWED A FLY focuses on the way the human mind is controlled and altered by a higher power. In an immersive experience that will lead the user to question and to identify what he experiences today, we will approach the three human condition’s evolutionary stages of metamorphosis – contamination, transformation and altered condition –, to speculate about the alteration of a social state that leads man into a monster.

The experiment recreates the changes of the human condition by experimenting what it’s like to support a new community with different ideals. However, the user never has the chance to actually choose any of his/her actions, since all the game is predetermined by what the community postulates. The aim of the experiment is not only for the user to perceive that the has changed, but also, that he/she never had the power to choose and, in the end, he/she can’t undo the transformation that already took place. Here, this fictional community represents the fly that disturbs reality, that observes the spread of the event and its impact or, in other words, the rise of a higher power that cannot be controlled.