Maša Pušnik

The heartwarming and humorous attitude towards life of Pippi Longstocking is what this world needs right now, so I decided to create a book in a way that the reader will not only read it, but also become Pippi.

All the chapters have a unique story. For example, the second chapter of the book is called Pippi becomes a turnupstuffer and the reader bumps into an empty page with a warning: “This chapter is missing. Become a turnupstuffer and find it!”. Flipping through the pages, the reader finds the second chapter printed as leaflets. The ninth chapter is about Pippi being visited by thieves, and by reading it you can discover that some words are missing, because they have been stolen. As the story develops, you can find them at the end of the chapter, cut them out and put them back in place.

The book is designed in a way that allows the reader not only to touch it and read it, but also to cut out the pages, to draw and paint on them, to use the book as a tea coaster, etc. If we truly allow ourselves to experience the book and if we interact with it, we distance ourselves from the stereotypical reader, becoming at least a little bit like Pippi.