Ana Sofia Rodrigues / André Mota / Carlos Trabulo / Carolina Aguiar

ANACHRONIC STAMP speculates upon the possibility of selecting and erasing memories. On the intersection of design and fiction, this project explores the human obsession and the boundaries between memory and identity.

Craving for a world where all the darkness in life no longer exists, a society decrees an expiration date for all negative memories. Being able to select their memories, to manipulate their reality and to live in a nostalgic time, humans are their own god; in this unreal world, there are no bad experiences and everything is a utopia. The narrative focuses on only one character, so we can understand his hardships and his decisions to erase certain memories besides the intrinsic consequences of the process. At first, it seems like living for the first time, but later, he falls into a void of emptiness. His identity is taken by all the repudiated memories. He is no longer living. There’s no past, present or future. Just emptiness.