Carlos Trabulo

“His intimate space, a small one-bedroom apartment, is dark and messy. Full of knickknacks and other useless things, he didn’t attach meaningless sentimental values to these, collecting them as mere reminders of still being alive, reminders that time is always moving forward.”
Excerpt from the script of ANACHRONIC STAMP.

THE CITY, LOVE, AND DESPAIR marks the first of a four-part series of videos delving into the story of ANACHRONIC STAMP.

As a starting point, the video explores the origins and the emergence of the feelings that lead the main character through a path of blind destruction. At the core of this act, love or severe infatuation is found as the main reason for the anguish that the character feels, living each and every day consumed by it, failing to gather any kind of reciprocation. Exploring his mindset, the city and his relation with it, marks a crucial aspect of this fiction. Feeling lost and isolated in conjunction with a hopeless pursuit for an unrequited love induces in him a deep state of despair and an intense longing for change. Not being able to handle this way of living, and after much consideration, the character defines a date for the erasure of the memories pertaining to his loved-one.

As elements that guide us, the mementos or knickknacks that he collects take on two meanings. They not only become elements that ground the character, as reminders of the time elapsed in the city, but they also become painful signs of his shortcomings concerning his love. These objects become true symbols of its inception: material objects in a direction of increasing alienation and of a complete distortion of reality.