Inês Pereira / Joana Cunha / Júlia Magalhães / Margarida Tavares

We live in a world to be lived by extroverted people. Teamwork, compromising, and bonding are probably three of the main pillars of our society. If we think like introverted people, these three behaviours don’t sound very appealing.

TO EXIST AMONG OTHERS explores the deepest ends of introverts. Introversion doesn’t necessarily mean being shy. This characteristic is associated with finding pleasure in solitude, being fulfilled when one is with one's self. This does not translate in isolating from others, they still establish relationships with the people around them. However, they are able to find comfort in their own thoughts.

Now imagine getting inside the mind of a person of such kind. What are their fears? Their thoughts? Their big hopes and dreams? What do they do? How do they feel? And if you watch closely, do you recognise yourself in them? Can you call yourself an introvert?