Marianna Pawłusiów / Maša Pušnik / Lucie Faurès / Rada Miladinova / Thamara Hidalgo

The purpose of the publication LET’S MAKE PLASTIC GREAT AGAIN! is to address the plastic issue in a positive way and thus proposing solutions without neglecting the problem. Plastic is a problem, but it is already there and it will be present forever – so instead of going around the problem, we go with it and through it. Through the content of our publication, we would like to increase the value of plastic that is already produced and present it as the material of the future. We want to make people, our readers, aware that as designers we have the responsibility and power to reuse existing materials in meaningful and creative ways.

The magazine is divided into three sections. The first one is «introduction», through which we introduce the topic to the reader through various critical articles. The following one is «design», through which we represent artists and designers that are using plastic within their creative process. The third section is called «make a move» and it is aimed for the reader to look for his or her own ways of finding solutions. The last one is called «conclusion» which ends with Kara Melchers article Design is the solution to the plastic problem.

In between the sections you can also find different design interventions such as: plasticarium (the plastic herbarium), a manifesto with shopping tips, postcards with our own plastic typography, a DIY section and a table of contents that works as a bookmark, and is designed as an invoice, an ironic element that critiques consumerism.