Ana Sofia Rodrigues / Carolina Aguiar / Sara Neves


WHATNOT is devoted to questioning objects that bring humankind into dialogue with interdisciplinary material culture studies. Aiming for an advanced model of publication that encompasses traditional and digital works within the subject matter of material culture, it seeks to publish pertinent information focused on the relationship between humans and objects, in all of its complexity. We aim to shed light upon the way objects manufactured in our societies, broaden or constrain our horizons.

The material components of an object – its medium and physicality – are key aspects to understand its cultural significance. Material culture has stretched the boundaries of countless fields, namely art history, and emphasized new points of contact with other subject matters, including anthropology, archaeology, consumer and mass culture studies, the literary movement “Thing Theory” and materialist philosophy.

Among other things, WHATNOT will explore specific object histories, the process of making works of art and the articulation of design to a broader material world. It seeks to be a forum for publishing works that serve as historical and as contemporary examples of material culture.

This first issue will look into how gender is represented in everyday objects of all kinds, from architecture, fashion, to archive structures, etc. We welcome pioneer works that question the canon and instigate multiple inclusive approaches. We hope to encourage our audience to join us and cross-examine both objects from everyday life and the representations we, as a society, create of them.