André Mota

Like the earth, memory has layers. They build themselves on top of each other and some of them, even if buried deep down, constantly emerge to the surface, like lava in a volcano. Others, however, are fossilized and will only be revealed if we remove the upper layers.

LOSS AND REVELATION represents the third state of a fictional character’s process of discovering and destroying his identity; it shows one of his oldest memories, the day he was near the sea with his mother and got lost in the woods. More than concrete images, this character remembers feelings. The video tries to represent them and make the spectator feel the transition between a first strange state of a “calm” confusion when he is at the sea and a second moment of fear and anxiety in the woods. The music helps to create this nerve-racking rising atmosphere that ends abruptly when the memory expires.

LOSS AND REVELATION also seeks to make a comparison between memories and the Earth. The first frame shows the place the character erases in the second part of the narrative. The camera descends until it reaches his childhood memories. After the elimination of these memories, at the end of the audiovisual sequence, the camera goes up again, showing the place where he is lastly – the city, the place where the memory erasure process began.