Carolina Aguiar

And he unconsciously begins to magnify this close yet distant past, thus contemplating a feeling of craved unreachable bliss. He now hopelessly resides in a place he no longer belongs to. Peace of mind is inevitably unachievable; living desolately in the delusion of a vanished past is insufferable. And therefore, the character commits himself to erase all recollections of this utopian place — now unbearably painful to even conceive. He encloses the images of the unfeasible past by establishing an expiration date: in a month from then, all the memories would be lost eternally and serenity could once again be achieved.
Excerpt from the script of the project ANACHRONIC STAMP.

NOSTALGIA, A DISSOLVING HARBOR embodies the second part of a series of videos that seek to spawn individual perspectives based on the fiction Anachronic Stamp — an adaptation of Wong Kar-wai’s Chungking Express.

Dwelling into the idea of nostalgia and yearning for a vanished place, this video is set after the erasure of all memories pertaining to the main character’s loved-one. The first seconds of the video evoke the feeling of displacement and damaging disorientation felt by the character, whose only tie to the city he lives in was the now-erased love. Abruptly dislodged by his surroundings, the character is possessed by a deep feeling of nostalgia regarding a near past, followed by the character’s memories of the place and its magnification.

The fluctuation of the soundscape and the colors sustain an unlike and somewhat unapproachable atmosphere. This is a carved yet unobtainable place and time. Striving for bliss and serenity, the character commits himself to erase all recollections of this place by establishing an expiration date. Thus, the closure of the video embodies the ultimate moment of obliteration through the etherealness of the soundscape and the rise of the ellipse — a symbol of erasure.