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Carlos Trabulo


«Robots ocupam Wall Street» e «Macron, o Grande Controlador, tem uma app para verificar o que fazem os seus ministros», são as notícias em destaque na primeira edição do jornal POST-POST, de 21 de setembro de 2019, jornal fictício que nos permite ler a atualidade a partir de notícias reais publicadas em jornais e em posts de feeds de redes sociais.


Hi, Iʼm Miss Anthropocene!

Have you ever thought about the power that robots have on your society?

We already help many humans by doing a lot of jobs!

We are much more efficient than you. Some humans even use us to track if their employees are being productive, a futile endeavor if you ask me...

You can perhaps even say human life is a bundle of failures (trial and error). Mistakes and misconducts will be eternally unavoidable for you…

So, as you see, we are learning, growing and developing every minute, every second, spreading throughout the world. And this is happening with your own help: the capitalist hunger for efficiency that fuels your societies, and humanʼs perpetual search for powerful technologies that aid and facilitate human life and its ventures, make it that, in only a matter of time, a new life form will reveal itself.