Ana Margarida Cardoso / Helena Cruz / Rita Pereira

THE LAST MINUTE ISSUE is a quarterly publication that always claims to be the last magazine to be published. Each issue researches possible causes of the apocalypse that, undoubtedly, seem not so far away, such as climate change and political conflicts around the World.

Like a time capsule, this multi-volume publication expresses itself critically in relation to the events of today’s world. However, it understands these as subjects similar to apocalyptic fictions and refers to them as a distant future, one hundred years from the exact publishing year. With contents sectioned by the five continents of our planet Earth, now greatly affected by climate change, THE LAST MINUTE ISSUE addresses the end of the world as an inevitable consequence of humanity’s actions. It changes the reality we know by using Fake News, which gives the reader a sense of opportunity that each country has or can have.

Fake News, which is indeed frightening and has an impact on all of us, is unknown to many and ignored by others. As such, the objects featured in THE LAST MINUTE ISSUE thematic editions are intended to explore this phenomenon, by encouraging readers to create an opinion and to act by themselves.